Reactions As Bobrisky Exposes Her Trusted And Most Loved House help Who Stole Her Money In New Video

Betrayal is one of the most painful and saddest experience in life. It hurts alot when the people we trusted so much, entrusted so many things in their care and took them as family betray and disappoint our trust in them.


That is exactly what happened to Idris okuneye popularly known as Bobrisky, Nigerian transgender woman. Bobrisky is one of the most caring and philanthropic celebrities in Nigeria not only in public but has extended the same love to her family and even her house helps. This is seen in the several videos she has posted on her social media platforms, videos of her sharing gifts to her fans and needy and also interacting and taking care of her maids as family.



Unfortunately, Bobrisky expressed her disappointment and pains in a video she shared few minutes ago on her official facebook account. In the video, Bobrisky and her eldest maid explained how everything occured.



According to the maid, Bobrisky had sent her to fetch some money in her handbag and hand it over to the Bobrisky’s sister-in-law, which she did and later returned the bag to Bobrisky’s room. After sometimes, the money was nowhere to be found and after a thorough search it was found in Blessing’s bag(Bobrisky’s maid) and of course she denied having any knowledge about it. But according to Bobrisky’s all findings and interrogations carried out proved she stole the money and since then she stopped coming to work.



Click here to watch the video of Bobrisky narrating how everything happened.


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