Mike Tyson makes $500,000 a month from marijuana business, grown on his 40 acre California ranch and reportedly smokes $40,000 a month worth

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Mike Tyson makes $500K a month from marijuana business

Mike Tyson has gone down in history as the most gifted boxer of his generation. Many people argue that Tyson is actually the greatest boxer of all time. Definitely, when the name “Tyson” is mentioned, it is associated with boxing. What’s most impressive is how Mike Tyson has turned things around in the 2020s. After years of personal battles, Tyson has a popular podcast. In addition, he has a profitable business in the marijuana industry. Reports claim he’s making around $500,000 a month.

Mike Tyson proved he was born to entertain and he does that. Whether it is him in the boxing ring, or his witty commentary on his podcast, Tyson knows how to engage people. That gift is now propelling him in the world of business. Changes in laws have turned marijuana from a felony into an industry that is producing billionaires. These changes in law have sparked controversy, as many people remain in prison for crimes associated with marijuana.

Mike Tyson spent his entire life defying the odds and he continues to do so. Decades ago, people lambasted Tyson for blowing his fortune. However, decades later, Tyson is a wealthy man once again. He has several jobs, being a media personality is among them. In addition, Mike Tyson is reportedly a multimillionaire from the marijuana industry. According to reports, his business generates him $500,000 a month and is grown on his 40-acre California ranch. Reports also say he smokes $40,000 a month’s worth of it.

Mike Tyson makes $500K a month from marijuana business

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