I was already dead, but God brought me back to life—actor John Okafor


John Okafor, alias Mr. Ibu, a legendary Nollywood actor, has spoken about the illness that took him out of the spotlight for about three years. 

Recall that Mr. Ibu claimed in 2019 that because of his successful profession, his kinsmen had paid some of his domestic workers to poison him.

The comedic actor said he was poisoned a third time in May 2022.

Okafor revealed that although he was already “seeing people on the other side” in a recent interview with Vanguard, God brought him back to life.

“People who despise me actually caused my illness,” he claimed. They treated me the way they did. I was afterwards brought to the hospital. The physicians are seers. So they entered my system and informed me of the issue and their plan of action. I said, “Please, do whatever you’re going to do; let me live, because if I die like this, my enemies will laugh.” The physicians then said, “Okay, there’s no problem.”

“At the moment, I was unaware of what had occurred.” I left! Therefore, whatever I said was captured on tape. I was speaking in a mentally unstable manner. In reality, I wasn’t seeing anyone. God brought me back, but I was witnessing some dead folks on the other side where I was at the moment.

He claimed that while his adversaries were relieved by his illness and believed he wouldn’t survive, God had miraculously revived him.

The actor said he learned a “big lesson” from his illness and expressed amazement at his continued survival.

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