Months After Hiding Son’s Infidelity From Shakira, Gerard Pique’s Mother Spotted Celebrating With Clara Chia Marti

Gerard Pique and Shakira have been a hot topic for months, since their split in June last year. It came as a shock to many fans due to the long relationship and the two kids the couple share. Their relationship had been tense with many altercations. It only got worse when it was revealed that Gerard Pique had been unfaithful to Shakira.

However, the altercation between Shakira and her ex-mother-in-law Montserrat Bernabeu has also been the highlight of the drama, with Bernabeu having been an accomplice in her son’s infidelity. This did not help their already strained relationship and Shakira even settled for an act of revenge by throwing a witch doll on her balcony as a message for Bernabeu.

But with Shakira finally having left Barcelona, Bernabeu seems to have recently been in the mood for celebration.

Gerard Pique’s mother bonding with his new girlfriend

Spanish media house “Diez Minutos” recentlybroadcasted images of Bernabeu with Clara Chia Marti spending some fun time. Clara Chia is the same woman whom Bernabeu had hidden in her house to keep her son’s affair away from Shakira before the split.

The images show Pique’s mother with her husband, and Pique himself. All are seated happily with the woman at the center of the drama, Clara Chia Marti. Bernabeu and Clara Chia Marti don’t just seem to be on friendly terms, they appear to be genuinely enjoying their time together.

With Shakira being a permanent resident of Miami, many people are linking this development to her departure. Also, Pique’s family wanted Shakira to leave as soon as possible because of all the drama.

Gerard Pique’s parents couldn’t wait for Shakira to leave

Shakira and her family made their permanent move to Miami on Sunday. Her date of departure had been a topic of debate for a long time. It had to be delayed several times due to the health situation of her parents. It seemed tensions between Shakira and Pique’s parents had really risen since the split. This led to there reportedly being a clear desire for the singer to leave as soon as possible.

According to Sandra Aladro’s revelations, acquaintances said, “They have made up their minds, it is clear to them that this is going to happen and they have the capacity to travel to Miami and see the children”. The Latin singer in the end eventually bid farewell and left Barcelona for good.

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