The Wire actor, Lance Reddick’s cause of death revealed

The Wire actor, Lance Reddick

Hollywood actor, Lance Reddick died of heart disease, according to his death certificate.

Reddick, who died in March at age 60, had his causes of death listed as ischemic heart disease and atherosclerotic coronary artery disease, according to a document obtained by TMZ on Thursday April 6.

The actor had been discovered in his home on March 17 and was initially reported to have died of natural causes, which the death certificate confirms.

The death certificate also indicated that Reddick would be cremated.

The ischemic heart disease and coronary artery disease terms are often used interchangeably, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The dangerous condition can lead to a heart attack, but many people suffering from ischemic heart disease may not realize that they have the condition.

It is caused by a buildup of plaque in the walls of arteries leading to the heart, which decreases the available space for blood to travel and can even block the flow completely in severe cases, which is known as atherosclerosis.

The narrowed arteries can lead to chest pain and can weaken the heart muscle over time.

Reddick’s shocking death came amid the publicity campaign for one of his last projects, John Wick: Chapter 4. He appeared as the concierge Charon of the Continental, a hotel that caters exclusively to assassins.

The actor had missed the film’s premiere in New York City just days before his death which he left unexplained and he was still scheduled for talk show appearances in the days following the shocking news.

Just a day before his death, Reddick posted sweet photos of himself relaxing with his three dogs.

It was reportedly his wife Stephanie Reddick who found her husband collapsed in the backyard and called for an ambulance.

The Wire actor, Lance Reddick

Reddick will be best remembered for his role as Daniels on the hit HBO crime series The Wire, appearing in all 60 episodes alongside stars including Dominic West and Idris Elba, and also in the movie, John Wick.

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