The bizarre case of the footballer who tore the instructions of his own manager

The bizarre case of the footballer who tore the instructions of his own manager

Conflicts between football coaches and players are not really strange. Feel free to visit bet site in Nigeria – 1xBet offers the best possibilities to wager on all kinds of football teams too.

However, there is an unwritten code in football that states that all those conflicts should stay inside the dressing room and not be made public.

Yet, what happened on the 5th of February 2023 was anything but private. This story had three main protagonists, which were:

  • Jorge Sampaoli;
  • Marcos Acuña;
  • and Oliver Torres.

Sampaoli was Sevilla’s coach, while Acuña and Torres were players of the team. Don’t forget to visit the betting site in Nigeria 1xBet, where you can wager on other teams from the great Spanish La Liga too.

Ignored instructions

The incident in question happened during a match between Barcelona and Sevilla in the Spanish La Liga. Things weren’t looking good for the latter, as by the 70th minute they were already 2-0 down.

Of course, as any other coach would do, Sampaoli tried to adjust his team in order to try to get a chance to at least secure a draw. Don’t forget to try 1xBet app for iPhone now, and explore all that it has to offer when it comes to wagers on the La Liga.

During a small break, Sampaoli approached Oliver Torres and gave him a paper that had a set of instructions. However, here is when the bizarre occurrence happened. Acuña, who is seen as one of the leading players at Sevilla, approached Torres while he was reading the paper.

Apparently he disagreed completely with what the manager was trying to do. This was because Acuña took the paper away from Torres and threw it away.

A completely broken dressing room It is well-known that Sampaoli sometimes has problems with the teams that he manages. He had chaotic exits from different teams, such as the Chilean and Argentinian national teams or Marseille.

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