Many People Are Only Virgins Because They Haven’t Seen Someone To Have Séx With- Olayode Juliana



Popular Nigerian actress, Olayode Juliana was a guest on the honest bunch podcast, hosted by OAP Nedu, and she spoke a lot about celibacy and virginity. A celibate person is one who is abstaining from any form of séxual act for a given period of time.

Olayode Juliana started by saying that there are a lot of people who are celibate not because they want to, but because they have not found anyone to have séx with yet. She said, “many people are only Virgins because they haven’t seen someone to have séx with”.

She also stated that there are also people who are celibate because they have a kind of man/woman they hope to meet with before they get intimate. Nedu on the other hand agreed with her and said that there are also people who claim to be Celibate but still make use of toys to pleasure themselves. According to him, he doesn’t think self pleasure counts as being celibate.

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