“I Never Knew Singer Portable Could Be So Gentle; He Was Very Humble At The Court” – Daddy Freeze

In the mid hours of today, Daddy Freeze went live on his verified Facebook page to make some comments about the court appearance of singer Portable today.


Daddy Freeze said, “I honestly never knew singer Portable could be so gentle. He was very humble at the court. He is someone I have not met physically but I love him so much. The fact is that he needs to change his ways. He can exhibit gangsterism but must not bring it into real life.”

Speaking further, Daddy Freeze said, “someone told me that the three hundred thousand naira bail is too small for him. The person does not know that it is not about the money. It is about the fact that one would have to always appear at the court when asked to. Sometimes, Portable might be booked to perform outside the country and his court appearance will fall on same date, that’s a loss to him.”


Lastly, Daddy Freeze said, “I personally learnt my lessons the day I spoke ill of a pastor and I was sued to court. I had to quickly tender apologies. Portable cannot just go and assault someone in this civilized world of ours.”

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