Checkout the player who faked an injury to allow his teammate break his fast in the Italian league

The player who faked an injury to allow his teammate to break his fast during an Italian Serie A match is Luca Ranieri.

Fiorentina footballer Luca Ranieri faked an injury during a match so his teammate Sofyan Amrabat could break his Ramadan fast during the Italia league match between Inter Milan and Fiorentina.


The kind gesture showed that he really valued the Islamic religion and also respected his fellow teammate Sofyan Amrabat.


Luca Ranieri’s kind act will always be remembered in the minds of all Moslems who watched him on Saturday displaying such kind gesture.

The Moroccan international player seemed so happy as he was seen breaking his fast during the Italian league match on Saturday.


Fiorentina won Inter Milan 1-0 on Saturday and Sofyan Amrabat was so outstanding during the match.

The Ramadan is indeed a special period for Moslems and many football leagues respects this crucial period for Moslem players

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