Shakira’s Transition Into a New Stage of Her Life With Kids Has Left Ex Gerard Pique Furious

The celebrated Colombian pop singer, Shakira, has been in the middle of a public feud with her beloved former partner, Gerard Pique, even almost 10 months after their breakup. The couple ended their 11-year-long relationship in June of 2022, and the saga has been messy since then.

The feud between Shakira and Pique has been ongoing since the split, resulting from various contentious issues. Despite the lawsuits and the diss tracks, Shakira is determined to progress to the next stage in her life with her two children, Sasha and Milan. This next stage is to move on from their Barcelona mansion to her old mansion in Miami.

This big decision has left the former couple in a difficult position. As the move has significant implications for both Shakira and Pique, as well as their two children, Sasha and Milan. The move has particularly angered Gerard Pique, for various reasons.

Gerard Pique is angry as Shakira prepares to leave

Gerard Pique is furious with the move due to Shakira’s unilateral decision-making, excluding him from the decision-making process and not giving him an adequate timeline for their transition. These are the many reasons that have left the ex-Barcelona star furious.

First of all, Shakira hasn’t told Gerard Pique when she and her kids will leave. It has likewise been supposed that Shakira is arranging a revenge plan by not telling Pique about their departure. Pique has been left irritated by this.

Reports also assert that Shakira made the decision of the move unilaterally without Pique’s consultant, who also holds parental authority in the matter. Even though the move is in the agreement between the two, Pique believes that he had no input into this significant decision that has such a profound impact on his life.

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