Man sells his child to pay off debt, gives his wife 200k to start a business

An interview with Daniel Chigozie, a suspected child trafficker, was given early on Saturday by a correspondent for the Punch Newspaper. In the interview, he described how he sold his nine-month-old child before being apprehended.

Daniel Chigozie recalled, “The first time, I paid my uncle’s wife N150,000 in exchange for providing her my baby. Second, I received N400,000, and the subsequent vendor received N700,000. I handed my wife 200,000 naira after selling our infant for more than N1.2 million. (N200k). Later, I gave my wife an extra N50,000 so she could use it to purchase a phone.

Mr. Chigozie continued, “I paid off some of my debts with the money I earned, and my wife used her share for business. My wife said it was too much, so I finally gave the nurse who assisted us in selling the baby N30,000 instead of the N100,000 I had intended to give her.


Regarding how he was apprehended, Mr. Chigozie stated, “First, my wife sent police agents to apprehend me, but they were unable to do so because I threatened to stab myself in the back if they did. Officers from Amotekun arrived to get me later, and they still have me.

The suspect concluded by saying that selling his nine-month-old kid was the devil’s work. In actuality, my wife had a Caesarean section to deliver her. I beseech the All-Powerful God to pardon me.

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