“Zlatan still dey learn work” – Oyinbo man takes bottle flip challenge to another level, his skills blows mind away (Video)

The trending bottle flip challenge has seemed to get way into people as an Oyinbo joined the conquest as he showed off his skills.

The bottle flip challenge has been popular on social media for a few years now. Challenge involves holding a plastic bottle with its content and then flipping it to make it land perfectly on its bottom.

It sometimes takes a few tries before anyone perfects a shot. However, in a video making the rounds online, the white man took the challenge to another level.

The video showed the Oyinbo using different objects like book, carton, table tennis bats and others as he flipped bottle on them.
Joining the bottle flip challenge, he took the conquest from level 10 to 100 as he revealed in the video. What amazed social media users was how the man successfully flipped two bottles at once.

Taking to the hardest level, 100, he flipped a bigger bottle with water half-full in it before he placed the smaller one on it.

The video blown many minds away as social media users took to comment section to hail him.

Watch the video below:


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