“My husband wanted children” – Woman reveals her 4 kids belong to her father-in-law, shares secret

A woman has shared her secret about her four children and people expressed their displeasures.

Paternity fraud cases have caused a lot of complications, and many families and lives have been shattered as a result.

The woman shared her story via the platform, and it was beyond heartbreaking. She confessed that she had gotten married to her husband for some time and discovered that he wasn’t fertile.

Her father-in-law told her secretly that her husband could not impregnate any woman. He suggested that to cover her husband’s shame, he (the father-in-law) should impregnate her instead.

The lady, without consulting her husband for his opinion, engaged in extra-marital affairs with her father-in-law. She conceived and was able to have four children that she passed off as her husband’s.

Two weeks ago, her father-in-law lost his life, and suddenly, the woman who had earlier felt pleased about her affairs with her late father-in-law got overwhelmed with a high feeling of guilt.

She is now contemplating telling her husband the truth and coming clean about the paternity of their children.

The post read, “I have been with my husband for 8 years. We have 4 children but none of them are his. They are for his father, my father in law. My husband really wanted children but his father knew he couldn’t reproduce so he put me in on the deal not to disappoint the son. His father passed away 2 weeks ago & now the secret is weighing so heavily on me. Should I reveal it or not?” See the post below:


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