Women Can Be Attracted To A Man And Just Want To Sleep With Him; Some Men Are Good At S€x – Blessing CEO

There are certain situations whereby women who are in relationships still feel attracted to other men because of their dressing, well shaped beards, and height. These men may not be good for commitment but women play around them because they are attracted to them and they would eventually sleep with them.


Relationship therapist, Blessing CEO has stated that women should be able to separate s€x from love. According to her, women have reached a point of civilization where they can be attracted to a man and just want to sleep with him because some men are good at s€x.



Blessing CEO in a video she posted on YouTube said;

”Never get too attached to another person to the extent that you forget yourself. You are in love with someone but are they also in love with you? Often time, we love people who don’t love us. Some marriages end in divorce because the women stopped putting in effort and the moment that happens, the man would not do anything. One-sided relationships can be very tiring.

I always tell my clients that we need to separate the difference between attraction and love. It is alright for you to be attracted to people. As a woman, we have gotten to the point of civilization whereby you are attracted to a man and you just want to sleep with him; some men are just meant for s€x because they are very good at it.

A smart woman should be able to separate s€x from love. Forever is too long to base it on s€x because it is the least thing you will think about when you get married. Responsibility will not allow you to remember it.”

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