Adidas cut ties with Beyonce’s Ivy Park due to low sales and creative differences

Adidas and Beyonce have mutually agreed to go their separate ways, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Beyonce’s Ivy park [Instagram/Ivypark]

It appears that Ivy Park and Adidas had significant creative disagreements about branding and marketing, and Beyoncé is eager to reclaim her brand.

Some people believe this split was influenced by low sales. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Ivy Park line is “losing money for Adidas” and that “roughly half of the merchandise that was produced went unsold” in five of the last six releases.

Adidas has been reporting low sales, last year, they let go of Kanye West over antisemitic comments. They don’t know what to do with the Yeezy merchandise. The inability to sell the Yeezy shoe line contributed to the end-of-year earnings being negatively impacted, resulting in a net loss of 513 million euros.

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