How Ancelotti’s Departure From Real Madrid Will Affect Chelsea If They Do Not Appointment A Top Coach


This season, Chelsea has become the complete opposite of the club they used to be. This same club that won the Champions league just two seasons ago has struggled in the tenth position of the premier league for a long time. It is uncertain if Chelsea’s performance this season would improve, unless they sign a top coach.

Looking at the points of the top four clubs in the premier league, it is uncertain if Chelsea would finish in the top four, which means they could miss the Champions league next season, except they win the title. However, this looks impossible as they have to get past Real Madrid.


Manchester City goalkeeper, Ederson has revealed that there is a huge chance of Ancellotti leaving Real Madrid to coach Brasil. If this happens at the end of the season, then it could have a direct impact on Chelsea if they do not sign a top coach now.


Chelsea would be affected by Ancellotti departure from Real Madrid if they don’t sign a top coach because a lot of top coaches would choose to coach Real Madrid rather than Chelsea because of the club’s rich history as well as achievements.

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