Floyd Mayweather’s Two-Word Response to Kevin Hart’s Threat Sets Internet Abuzz

Kevin Hart, the comedian-actor who is widely recognized for his quick wits and chuckle worthy personality, would have never thought that the former undefeated boxing dynamo Floyd Mayweather would come up with such a rapid answer to his threatening call. He jokingly tried to make fun of The Hall of Fame boxer. On Thursday, he filmed a hilarious video in a gym calling out ‘The Pretty Boy’.



In the clip, Hart said while hitting the punching bag, “Floyd Mayweather…Floyd Mayweather boy you’ve been talking a lot, huh you talkin’?
You’ve been talking a lot. Boy, what the f*ck you said, Floyd? Huh?. He’s been talking a lot. All these exhibitions match”.

The 43-year-old appeared really authentic, and anyone would have believed it if he would not backtrack himself at the end of the video. Before closing the video, he said, “Floyd Mayweather, I don’t want no smoke.”

To make it more clear, he tried to resolve it in the caption of the post. Putting it as the conflict of the body and brain, Hart gave it a hilarious turn. The Caption reads, “My mind told me to call out @floydmayweather …because for a second I felt like I could kick his ass ….but then my body told me to sit my dumbass down before he takes me seriously and knocks my little ass the fuck out!!!!! Thank you so much body. #liveLoveLaugh.”

Hours later, this drama, Mayweather, marked his presence on Instagram with a post. He shared Hart’s old video, in which the latter made Mayweather’s impression of hitting mitts with uncle and trainer late Roger Mayweather.

In the caption, he wrote, “@kevinhart4real got hands.”

When fans came across Mayweather’s response to Hart’s challenge, they poured their remarks into the comment section.

How did fans react to Floyd Mayweather’s response to Hart?

Kitchi wrote, “Imagine that exhibition.”


An account named go. getter. eddie wrote, “I was hoping for just one more “most ppl don’t kno shxt about boxing”


Zaya Newman wrote, “When he said he was gonna make Floyd 50-1… he was NOT fooling around.”

Role playeight wrote, “Medication…hard work…medication…hard work…Im a one man comedy…Im a one man comedy. The whole world can be against me but I’d still have ice cream on top.”

Naimthestar wrote, “Still one of the funniest videos ever. You know I got sugar.”

Tnice wrote, “most ppl don’t know s*** about boxing @kingvzv @dwj4l.”


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