Matches will be pause across premier league for Ramadan



The Premier League has confirmed that matches will be paused during Premier League games to allow Muslim players to break their fast in this holy month of Ramadan!

this is contained in different online media articles that know about the development and it is said to help Muslim players to break their fast.

what this means is that when the ball is out of play in a sunset Premier League game the referee will pause the game for a few minutes to allow the players to grab a quick snack and drink,

although it is a good move from the Premier League, but it has been met with heated debate and online criticism from netizens, especially Christians.

Richie Royale on twitter said; Why? Just like with Qatar and everyone was saying “when you visit a country you have to follow their rules and their values” this summer, why is this needed?

Johan on twitter has this to say; I appreciate this but this will now rightly lead to an expectation from other beliefs also for their practices to be catered. Best to leave politics aside from sports man

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