Seyi Shay Finally Reveals Her Daughter’s Face, Talks Motherhood So Far (Photos)

Nigerian singer Seyi Shay gave birth last year and since then, she has been doing a good job of keeping her baby’s identity away from the media. Well, now, during a new episode of the visual podcast ‘No Holds Barred’, Seyi Shay opened up about how motherhood has been like so far, and also finally got to show us her daughter’s face. Here are pictures of the face reveal and what Seyi Shay had to say about motherhood so far.

“What has motherhood been like so far?”

SEYI SHAY: So far motherhood has been really good. It’s been challenging. I haven’t slept a full night sleep in over a year. So from when I was pregnant till now that she’s 11 months. I have not slept a full night. She still wakes up in the middle of the night. That whole thing of when they get sick, you too you get sick. You’re worried, you’re scared. That thing of running into the room every 2 minutes to see if she’s still breathing. That thing of when they start crawling and they start putting everything in their mouth and you’re like, “oh my god”. Like one day, I changed her nappy. Guess what I saw in her poo? A rubber band. I know some of you would be thinking “oh my god, that is so neglectful, that is so irresponsible of you”, but honestly these kids, there is nobody on this earth that can literally keep their eyes on a child 24/7. They are so fast, they are so quick. The best thing you can do is literally just vacuum the floor maybe two, three times a day, that is it. Where did rubber band come from? I bought rubber bands for her hair, you know those tiny multi-colored rubber bands, so probably one of them fell on the floor when I was doing her hair one day. That’s how the thing ended up in her poo. But we thank God that the thing actually came out in her poo and it did not lodge somewhere in an organ. That’s the drama right now. Feeding five times a day because she eats a lot. Making sure they don’t fall down and bang their head. Like for me now, I have meetings, I have events, I have shows, I have business that I need to handle. Who is going to look after them? Where are you going to leave your child? Is it safe? You have to carry her and start explaining to people that ‘I just had a baby, sorry, can I just bring my child?’ It’s like, sometimes you find yourself over explaining and nobody asked you, but you just think I gotta explain. It is so hectic. All of that drama. But I love it. I really love it. I feel like a normal person for the first time in years. I do.

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