Beyonce Pocketed $24 Million For A Single Appearance At The Atlantis Royal Hotel In Dubai

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Thanks to years as one of the biggest names on the planet, Beyoncé has accumulated an insane amount of wealth. Not only has she earned that wealth, but she has also spent a ton of it, too. Of course, when you have this much money rolling in on a regular basis, you can basically afford to do whatever you want.

For example, the acclaimed singer recently performed a single show overseas. For her efforts, she was awarded $24 million. Not for a series of shows, mind you, just one show.

Let’s take a look at the singer, and the price she was able to land for performing a single show in a place where wealth is abundant.

Beyoncé Is One Of The Most Iconic Music Stars In History

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The history of music is filled with iconic performers who rose to the top and became legends. While there are some all-time greats that topple most stars, few of them are even in the same stratosphere as Beyoncé.

The singer got her big break as part of Destiny’s Child, who was a wildly successful act. That group alone was more than enough to make Beyoncé a household name, but once she made the decision to go solo, she became an icon, and took the music industry by storm.

She’s shattered records of all kinds, has won the biggest awards in music, has sold out the most prestigious venues on the planet, and has done so all on her own accord. She’s as good as it gets, and she has been an inspiration to legions of musicians around the world.

Thanks to her success, she has managed to haul in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Beyoncé Has Accumulated A Net Worth Of $500 Million

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According to Celebrity Net Worth, “Beyoncé Knowles is an American pop singer, entrepreneur, philanthropist and actress who has a net worth of $500 million. Beyoncé Knowels’ husband Jay-Z is separately worth $1.3 billion, so their combined net worth as of this writing is $1.8 billion.”

That is a shocking amount of money for one person to be worth, and that number truly hits another level when her money is combined with her husband’s.

We all know that music and touring have made her filthy rich, but she has far more going on than that.

“While this successful Texan is known for her contributions to the entertainment industry, her savvy business acumen makes her a brand name to be reckoned with. Beyoncé signed her first endorsement deal with Pepsi in 2002 which was quickly followed by deals with L’Oreal, American Express, Samsung, Ford and DirectTV. She has launched a number of fragrances over the years, and signed a $20 million, three year deal to develop a signature fragrance for Coty. And don’t forget the fashion line, House of Dereon, which she launched with her mom Tina,” the site reports.

Oh, it doesn’t stop there. Her fragrance line has also generated over $500 million in sales.

Just when you thought that $500 million was enough, the singer recently made tens of millions of dollars for a single concert.

Beyoncé Was Recently Paid $24 Million For A Single Show

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According to Forbes, “On Saturday, Beyoncé headlined the launch of the ritzy ‘Atlantis the Royal’ hotel in Dubai, where the songstress is reported to have pocketed $24 million for the hour-long set, according to multiple reports, making her one of the highest earners in the lucrative world of exclusive events.”

Yes, you read that correctly. The star allegedly made $24 million for s single show that lasted an hour. There was a lot of work that went into that single performance, of course, but there are few souls on the planet that can conceptualize making that kind of money with a single show.

The star, however, is not the only star that has made an insane amount of money for a single show.

As the article points out, “In 2002, private equity billionaire David Bonderman paid The Rolling Stones $18.7million to perform at his 60th birthday, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, citing Rolling Stone’s 2003 Rock’s 50 Richest List, which is no longer available.”

That money was obviously split between the members of the band, but nearly $19 million back in 2002 is a shocking amount of money. An inflation calculator shows that number being around $31 million in today’s money.

With a single performance netting her $24 million, Beyoncé quite literally could have retired to a nice quiet life, never lifting a finger again. Something tells me that she’s going to keep stacking her money. After all, when you can make that kind of cash for one performance, why not keep making more?

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