“You People Should Stop Harassing Me With The Size Of My Br€ast, Allow Me To Explore” Destiny Etiko


Popular Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko, has warned her trolls to stop criticizing her for her growing br€ast after she previously shared a video of herself and her friend playing on a movie set. She took to her Instagram story to share the video where she stated that people should stop harassing her because her br€ast is bigger than before, saying that they should let her explore with it.



She disclosed that some people are actually surprised to see that she has grown in stature, saying that it is one of the reasons why they continue to ask questions. She made it known that some are even saying that perhaps she is using something to enhance it, saying that it is as a result of what she is eating, which she did not disclose.



In the statement she made in the video, she said, “I have come to address something real quick, and I will hit the hammer on the nail.” You people should stop harassing me about the size of my br€ast, allow me to explore. I don’t know what these br€ast have done to all of you to make you say that you don’t know me as someone who has big boobs. It is none of your business; if it’s hurting you, you better unfollow me or just ask me what I’m eating that makes it grow the way it does.”



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