Meet The Only School In East Africa Were Male Students Wear Skirts And Why

The institution is known as Nyakasura Secondary. It is a high school in Uganda that has both boarding and day students. The school stands out because male students are required to wear skirts, which is unusual because typically, male students wear shorts and trousers. This is only done at this particular school in East Africa. The skirt-like clothing is actually a kilt, a traditional Scottish men’s outfit, according to the school principal. He disclosed that Ernest William Calwell, a Scottish missionary who resided in the region during the colonial era, created the school in 1926.

Most of the students when asked their view on the same especially male ones ,they say they have no problem wearing the kilts and actually they have been used to the custom and have been trained and taught deeply about the school’s history that brought the whole story of wearing uniforms that look like skirts just like their female counterparts. What is your opinion on this. Channel your view on the comment section.






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