Emotional Moment As Barcelona President Breaks Down in Tears in Speech Addressing Corruption Allegations

Barcelona president Joan has been spotted almost in tears when warning the “scoundrels staining our badge” that the club will be proven innocent.

The Catalans have been accused of paying a whopping £7.4million between 2001 and 2018 to Jose Maria Enriquez Negreira who was the then vice-president of the Spanish referees’ committee.

Joan Laporta, Barcelona, La Liga

According to Football Italia, Negreira was officially paid as an ‘external consultant’ providing reports ‘related to professional refereeing.’

However, the charges state categorically that Barca paid the former referee chief in order to prompt refereeing decisions to favour the Catalan giants in games involving the club.

La Liga clubs, including fiercest rivals Real Madrid, to team up against Barcelona – accusing them of buying favour from referees, but Laporta insisted his club is innocent.

In a video shared on Social Media, the Barca boss was on the verge of tears, admitting that he was emotional about the matter.

“Don’t think that I am getting emotional out of weakness, I am emotional because I really want to face all the scoundrels that are staining our shield,” he said, via Barcelona TV. Let no one think that it is due to weakness.”

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