Oscars 2023: The worst-dressed celebrities at the Academy Awards

For every best-dressed list, there’s a worst-dressed list.

Worst-dressed at the Oscars [Instagram]

The Academy Awards also known as the Oscars took place yesterday. The red carpet was full of hits and some misses. Here are some of misses.

Zendaya’s worst outfit yet [Twitter/filmupdates]

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Those puffy sleeves on Zendaya were the worst. Plus, the hairstyling aged her.

Zoe looked like she wore a rumpled night gown to the Oscars.

Why Flo? Why those shorts? I don’t understand them at all.

That corseted Versace gown just has a really unflattering shape.

The outfit was drowning her petite frame. It just didn’t work for me.

Girl, get up. Winnie, you can do better than this. The gown looked so basic, and the colour was unflattering.

Elizabeth Banks at 2023 Oscars

The draping of her white and black gown was so bulky and unstylish.

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