Two Things Enzo Fernandez Gives Chelsea That Jorginho Failed To Deliver At The Club

Enzo Fernandez has recently stepped up his game for the Chelsea in all competitions this season. The Argentine International who had a shaky start at the club looks to have adapted well to the team and is now putting up impressive performances in games for Chelsea. The 23-year-old has shown he is worth the heavy amount he was signed for by Chelsea this season, clearing the previous doubts of fans.


Well, in this article I will be sharing two things Enzo Fernandez gives Chelsea presently that Jorginho failed to deliver at the club.


1, Impressive Tackling Ability

Enzo Fernandez has shown he isn’t just good at attacking but also good at helping the team greatly in defense. The Argentine International possesses this impressive tackling ability which helps him win balls from the opposition neatly. Jorginho hardly gave Chelsea this many contributions defensively as he seemed to have been a soft winner of the ball which particularly didn’t work on every attacker.


2, Making More Passes Into The Final Third.

With just a few matches representing Chelsea, Enzo Fernandez can already boast of two assists. The Argentine International makes more of this defensive splitting passes into the opposition’s 18-yard box which improves Chelsea’s chances of scoring. I doubt if Jorginho could have had two assists in 5+ matches for the Blues.

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