Two reasons why Todd Boehly is better than Abramovich as Chelsea’s owner.

Chelsea’s owner, Todd Boehly bought Chelsea last year after the previous owner, Abramovich stated that the Club was for sale due to restrictions from England’s football association. The Club was restricted by England’s football association due to Abramovich “involvement” in the Russia and Ukraine war.


However, since Todd Boehly became Chelsea’s owner, the team has failed to impress and the team have been struggling this season. Chelsea are currently 10th in the Premier league this season. Many Chelsea supporter started to dislike their new owner after he sacked Thomas Tuchel for the team’s poor performance.


Despite doing all this, in my opinion, Todd Boehly is better than Abramovich due to the following reasons:


Todd Boehly sacked Thomas Tuchel and decided to sign Graham Potter as the Club’s new Manager. Since Graham Potter joined Chelsea, the team has been struggling but Todd Boehly is still patient with the Manager. If Abramovich was still Chelsea’s owner, Graham Potter would have been sacked a long time ago. Todd Boehly is however patient with the new Manager and has also stated severally that he is confident that Potter can turn things around. It now seems like his patience is starting to pay off as Chelsea have won their last two matches, including a 2-0 victory against Dortmund in the UEFA Champions League to qualify for the Quarter finals.


2.Signing young players:

Though Abramovich spent a lot of money on players, he hasn’t done what Todd Boehly has done. Todd Boehly signed more than 10 players this season and most of the Players are very young. These players include Enzo Fernandez, Mudryk, Chukwuemeka, Madueke and Badiashile. This means the team has a lot of young players with quality and the future of the Club looks bright.


Chelsea fans have been happy with the Club’s signing this season and will like to see more improvements from Todd Boehly and Graham Potter.


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