Musiala Admits His Disappointment As Messi Didn’t Give Him His Shirt Last Night.


Jamal Musiala reportedly asked for Lionel Messi’s shirt after the game between Bayern Munich and PSG last night, but the youngster has admitted his dissapointment as he wasn’t given the courtesy. 


As reported recently by popular sports journalist Fabrizio Romano, he has quoted the German player who said that he couldn’t find Messi anywhere in the dressing rooms even after he has asked for his shirt earlier.

As quoted by Fabrizio Romano, Jamal Musiala said; “I asked Leo Messi for his shirt, but I wasn’t able to find him anywhere in the dressing rooms. I only have my pretzel here in the bag with me.”

The words by Musiala seemed that the young German player was dissapointed from the fact that he couldn’t get the shirt of Lionel Messi last night.

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