Juventus possibly taking back their deducted 15 points.

Breaking: Juventus possibly taking back their deducted 15 points.

Juventus is fighting to have the 15 points they were penalized for a “procedural defect” restored.

Juventus, one of the top teams in Serie A, is confident that a “procedural defect” will allow them to reverse a 15 point deduction. ‘.

A financial investigation earlier this year resulted in the Old Lady receiving a severe penalty, placing them at the bottom of the table.

In response to an appeal, Juventus will have access to a “secret document,” which may provide justification for overturning the 15-point deduction, according to Gazzetta dello Sport.

According to the report, the defense attorneys for the Turin-based club might raise a defense that would prevent judges from retroactively dating the start of the investigation, rendering some documents useless.

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