“Mother of The Bride Wan Carry Belle”: Nigerian Woman Shakes Her Waist, Dances Sweetly at Daughter’s Wedding

Weddings are beautiful times in the lives of couples and their families. Parents are usually the most joyous because they feel proud to see their kids preparing to start their own homes.

A trending video showed the happy side of a mother. It was time for the parents of the bride and groom to make an entrance and when it was time for the bride’s family, her mother stole the spotlight.

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The bride’s mother was beautifully dressed in a custom-made Ankara lace dress and a light makeup.

She removed her shoes and wore black slippers to enable her to dance without any hiccups. Her dancing was explosive and a bit rehearsed to show the joy in her heart.

Beside the dancing queen was her supportive husband who just took one step at a time as she danced. He was a bit quiet and introverted but still smiled at his wife and marched beside her along with their family train.

Some women decided to spray the dancing mother with some money from behind while cheering her on as they did the entrance dance.

The happy mother of the bride gave modern vibes while occasionally touching and rubbing her husband’s chin.

Social media reactions

@wakeywhacks wrote:

“There’s always the introvert and the extrovert and we stay getting married to each other. The man chest dey swell with pride. E just no show am. You can tell they are good friends in the closet of their homes. I pray the same, and even more joy, friendship and Camaraderie rules in the marriage of their kids.”

@ruttylov commented:

“Daddy is thinking about his baby girl when dem collect for e hand mummy they happy say she don collect her husband back.”

@iam_flychi commented:

“Not me trying to imagine how she did as a bride on her on day Mummy giving Gen Z vibes.”

@amarachinaza_official commented:

“If the mother of the bride can vibe like this, that means the bride herself will be full dose.”

@oluwatoyinfanisi said:

“This is why her husband married her..she is she brings the heat.”

@uneekbee commented:

“It’s the dad’s gentleness for me.”

@fav4ryt 001 wrote:

“The man no happy for weytyn mama do.”

@anuoluwaposimi_monje commented:

“Mama is hotter than fire…E for energy.”

@arakenge commented:

“Forget mama’s energy for now, why is daddy biting his lips while looking at mommy? C Dis 1 Mommy will fall pregnant now.”

@vickhy._xx wrote:

“Are we sure it’s not mummy’s wedding.”

@idialugift commented:

“Baba don tire.”

@nimisdiary wrote:

“Una sure say no be she dey marry ???”

@mychukwuebuka said:

“Typically example of a rich Igbo man, you won’t see the money showing off on them, but from their wives you will know that ego nu there.”

@adaora_ogbata said:

“You can also tell the man is a billionaire, I am an igbo girl so if you know you know.”

@merneja.cesar said:

“The lady is me on social media, the guy is me in real life.”

@vendorsinlagosng said:

“Gbaza queen. I love her.”

Watch the video below:

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