Barcelona president Laporta taunts Tebas: We will buy a winger, central defender and a striker

Barcelona president Joan Laporta says there’s plans to buy a striker this summer.

Despite threats from LaLiga president Javier Tebas, Laporta says their plans will not be altered.

He said today: “We have exceeded the salary limit and that makes it very difficult, but when I hear that we can’t sign… Barça will surely have to sign a winger and also a central defender as long as in this case there is some good opportunities.

“Surely a striker will arrive, but someone will have to come out. We’re doing well on average and we also have a youth academy with players who will make it to the first team. Xavi also has to do this exercise, promote youngsters. One more striker, yes. He would fit, but economically we don’t have unlimited resources like a club-state. We have to be prudent.”

On Tebas, Laporta also said: “He makes comments that must be part of the confidentiality between clubs. In the past he has also had performances with a certain obsession against Barça.

“I hope that the relationship between Barça and LaLiga improves. Being at odds does not benefit anyone. It is he who is constantly putting up obstacles. He also makes comments that pertain to confidentiality.”


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