Baby Girl Blessed With Dark Curly Hair Dances Smoothly to Bob Marley, Video Goes Viral on TikTok

A 12 seconds video of a young girl dancing to One Love by Bob Marley has gone viral on TikTok.

In the video posted by @irennius_bongky, the little girl danced smoothly, gently and meditatively to the popular song.

Photos of a little girl dancing to One Love by Bob Marley.

The girl performed a lovely meditative dance. Photo credit: TikTok/@irennius_bongky.Source: UGC

Apart from her sweet dance, one other noticeable thing about the girl is that she is blessed with a lot of hair.

Little girl goes viral after dancing to One Love by Bob Marley

Her hair is dark, curly and long such that some of it grazed her back as she swung her head during the lovely dance.

As the music played, the little girl moved her hands up and down in a gentle manner. She did that repeatedly in response to the sound of the music.

The way she danced with her eyes closed, it was very clear that she understood the lyrics of the song.

She was dressed in a mustard yellow blouse with a pair of floral print shorts, and these made her appearance to be more lovely.

Positive reactions have trailed the video, which currently has more than 316k likes from dance lovers.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users

@Liane said:

“One love.”

@Denise Ross271 commented:

“I can’t stop watching her meditation dance!!!! So Cute.”

@Loretta said:

“What a peaceful, beautiful little princess.”

@paulinewint841 commented:

“She’s an old soul.”

@user3419936521038 said:

“Take me back to when life was like this…so simple.”

@kennbudareeh said:

“She has the world in her hands. So deep, so peaceful, wow.”

@Artelynx said:

“When the riddim hits you. You feel no pain.”

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