My Father ‘Slept’ With Me In The Presence Of My Mother For 3 Years Until I Almost Died- 19 Year Old

A woman who calls herself Mawoena reveals her tragic background. The teen claims that she and her mother are current Accra residents. And according to what she says her father informed her, she’s finally ready for him to enjoy. Mawoena goes on to allege that her father began “making out” with her when she was almost 14 years old.

My dad already knows he can’t add me as a second wife to his brood. Together, my parents “slept” for three years before deciding to abort me. My health suddenly deteriorated at that same moment. On a few occasions when we were in her line of sight, my mother witnessed my sister and me engaging in “it” in the house. She ultimately made the decision to not file a formal complaint. 

I became pregnant in my third year, and my father forced me to take a medicine that turned out to be an abortion inducer. Given her lack of literacy, she had little choice but to take the pills he handed her, and so she simply states, “I just took in.”

According to Mawoena, her father engaged in repeated acts of sexual misconduct toward her. After nearly dying during the abortion, I went to the Amasaman police station and said my father had been “sleeping with” me.

My family tried to help me out by having my dad “front the police,” but he was given bond and is still at large. My mother finally left us for Togo because she could no longer endure the shame. My father has moved in with his friend, but he still sends someone to check on me every day,” Mawoena says.

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