Video Shows Boy in kindergarten Praying Over a Meal in Class, Girl Beside Him Just Wants to Eat

A heartwarming video of a little boy in uniform praying over a meal in class has melted hearts on social media. The little kid led the prayer for the meal in his kindergarten class with his friends and teachers, watching.

The prayer was not just over the food; he also extended his good wishes to other children all over the world. A little boy has gone viral after a video of him praying made it online.

In the clip, the little boy was allowed to pray over the food they were about to eat in class. His prayer was echoed and repeated by the entire class, his teacher included. He prayed concerning the food and also asked God to bless all the boys and girls around the world and to provide for them too.

“Father God, we thank you for this food. We ask that you bless it, make it nourishment to our bodies. Bless all the boys and girls all over the world, to receive food in Jesus name. Amen”, he prayed.

While he prayed, a little girl sitting beside him yawned heavily, leaving people in stitches.

See video:

See reactions:

@dennisattah said: “Little baby by the side isn’t having it. She’s hungry lol.”

@cuteness reacted: “That little girl why’s she looking at him like that Haha. She saying pray fast let me eat.”

@jac.aberdeen wrote: “I hope you won’t mind if I add something to your post. Father please be with me and your fellow believers as we begin working on a National Revival beginning on Memorial Day weekend and running through Labor Day weekend this year in every city, town, and neighborhood church thought out our country and every other country around the world. I ask this all in Jesus name, amen and amen.” @teepayce5675 said: “That’s a reverend in the making right there.”

@delphinekirkland said: “Listen to that Little Deacon or Preacher man. He said it in humbleness. Love reels like this.”

@aaron.fleming.9484 said: “Thank you Jesus for this lil baby.”

@iam.nancyayala wrote: “MORE OF THIS IN THIS WORLD PLEASE. God bless him.” @ieishajackson5 said: “Yes baby! In JESUS name AMEN!”
@redfm_rjzack tlet said: “This teach us humility and know that God wants our honest prayers from the heart.” @curletahomemademeals commented: “This is true a child shall be a great leader.” @gods.woman_ wrote: “Hallelujah,thank you lord for anointing this beautiful soul.”


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