Serena Williams Experienced ‘Crazy’ Emotions After Witnessing Sister Venus Williams’ $5000 Fortune

The elder Williams’ sister, Venus, entered the professional world a little earlier than the 23-time Grand Slam champion, Serena Williams.However, everything came first to the seven-time Grand Slam champion, and she never left an opportunity to spoil her younger sister.

The American tennis legend was always a pampered kid. Both of the sisters were quite supportive of each other and even after being rivals on the tennis court, nothing stopped them from being the perfect sibling duo.

Serena Williams’ reaction over The former world number one in her autobiography, ‘Queen of the Court’ talked in detail about her sister. She particularly highlighted her sister’s proud moment on the tennis court and how she reacted in those moments. When the seven-time Grand Slam champion won her first WTA prize money of $5,350, the younger sister was very happy with her sister’s achievements.

She wrote, “I can’t even tell you how happy I was for V. I was over the moon and back again. It was crazy! Stafford was ranked 58th, and the win earned Venus a whopping $5,350 in prize money-which was just about a fortune to her at the time. So, Venus started to look really, really rich in my eyes, and I was only too happy to let her spoil me.” 

Further, she also talked about how their father let them keep the price money to teach them responsibility. And the former world number knew that her sister can take care of her responsibilities on her own. Additionally, the 42-year-old tennis player has always completed every wish that her younger sister had back when they were younger. However, two years back, the 7-time Grand Slam champion opened up about the reason why she felt the need to always take care of her younger sister.

Why did Venus feel the need to look after Serena?

According to the seven-time Grand Slam champion, she and the former world number one share a very special relationship with each other. And it was because they were the youngest sibling in the Williams household. They felt a different need to stand up for each other at times. Not only that, for Venus, the 23-time Grand Slam champion was the only youngest sibling, which somewhere taught her to spoil and take care of her younger one.

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