Serena Williams Comes Up With a Master Plan to Get Her Five-Year-Old Daughter Obsessed With Tennis

Fans of Serena Williams are waiting for one of two things- her return to the court or the exciting news of a second baby. However, there is a very bleak possibility of either outcome at this time. Serena has made it clear that she isn’t thinking of her return to the court anytime soon. Nonetheless, both Serena and her husband Alexis Ohanian have hinted at the possibility of a second baby. In a recent interview, Serena talked about Olympia’s love for tennis and the possibility of a second child.

Serena was invited to a Person to Person interview on CBS News with Norah O’Donnell. The show aired a few hours ago, and the discussion centered on Serena’s battle with migraine. In between, Norah slipped in a question about Olympia’s passion for the sport her mother’s a legend in. To that, the two ladies had quite an interesting discussion.

Serena Williams talks about little Olympia and her love for tennis

Serena Williams has a 23-Grand Slams long legacy in tennis. It is only natural for her fans to wonder if her daughter will make an appearance on court too. Following this thread, Norah shared her own experience with her two daughters playing tennis and golf. She referred to Serena’s conversation with Gayle King and said that maybe Olympia is demanding a sibling so that she can play more tennis.

“Girls need a teammate or a playmate, and then they’re more likely to play”, said Norah on CBS’s Person to Person.

To that, Serena says, “Yeah, Olympia loves being social. That’s interesting because growing up playing tennis I don’t think I loved being social. But looking back, I was always with my sisters. That was super-social. So that makes sense.”

Serena also highlights Olympia’s love for friends and school. She says, “Olympia loves being around her friends.” She suddenly comes up with an idea and says, “Maybe that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna push her into tennis by having other kids and giving them group lessons.”

While appreciating Olympia’s skills, she said, “I really want her to play at least a little bit, because she is actually really good at it.”

Norah dives in and says she does not think Serena will have any trouble arranging that playgroup for Olympia. Of course, any mom would love to have their kids hang out with only the greatest WTA legend in the open era! Having heard Serena’s plans for Olympia’s future, it won’t be a surprise if we see Olympia holding a little racket soon!

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