Meet The Young lady who gave birth to first child at the age of 14, See her touching story

Despite her young age and the hazards involved, a woman who was assaulted and became pregnant at the age of 13 has explained why she decided to retain the child.

She declared that she opposed abortion and firmly believed that what is intended to be will manifest itself. She shared a video of herself while pregnant as well as a photo of herself and the now-grown child.

On the video she wrote:

“Why did you keep a baby at 14 years old. I believe that it’s meant to be.”

Netizens applauded her courage as empressrealtors in the comments also shared her story saying:

“Our story is similar, mine happened when I was 16years, now I will be 34 and my bundle of joy will be 18 years, it has not been an easy journey but God with the support of my mum and sis has been faithful”

See the video below:

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