Peter Obi Speaks Few Minutes Into The Election; Strolls Around His Village In Agulu, Anambra State

The presidential flag bearer of the Labour Party (LP); Mr. Peter Gregory Obi, was spotted moments ago in a recent video by BBC News Pidgin speaking few minutes to the presidential election and taking a stroll around his village in Agulu, Anambra state.



Mr. Peter Gregory Obi said, “today is our voting day and all I have to say is that people shoul just go out and vote.” He added, “I cannot comment about the security issue when there is nothing to comment about. I have not been phoned or communicated about anything. It is until I am informed about anything I will pass a comment.”

Speaking further, Mr. Peter Gregory Obi said, “the only advice I have for you all is that you should do the right thing and stay off saturating the social media with nonsense. Rest assured because I am available for you people at anytime. Meanwhile, this is my family compound in Agulu.”

Lastly, the former governor of Anambra took a stroll around his village. While walking, he said, “in my village, we are all the same. Nobody is higher than the other except for the Community’s chairman.”

Watch the full video HERE.

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