Mike Tyson Reveals Only Active Boxer He’s Afraid to Fight: “Nobody Has a Chance Against Him”

Mike Tyson is among the most fearless and brutal boxers the boxing world has ever seen. Looking at the prime of his career, for many, he certainly seemed unbeatable and his tenacity and strength were unmatched by any heavyweight at the time. One might think it is safe to say that ‘Iron’ Mike wouldn’t have been afraid of any boxer, but that would be wrong.

Recently, the former Heavyweight champion discussed the active boxer with whom he would be afraid to get in the ring if he had been in the same division. This might come as a shock to his fans, but sometimes even the greats have their doubts.

Mike Tyson named the boxer he would be afraid to fight

In an interview with ESNEWS, Mike Tyson was asked how he came up with the name for a boxer. The interviewer asked, “How did you give him that nickname ‘Mexican Monster.’ “ To this, Tyson responded, “He’s so underrated but so over-polarizing. I’d be afraid to fight him, too, if I was in their division. Nobody has a chance against him.”

The fighter Tyson is talking about is none other than David Benavidez. This might shock the fans, ‘Baddest man on the planet’ talking about being afraid to fight a boxer. But one can’t blame Tyson for this. David Benavidez is a brutal and vicious boxer who means business when it comes to the ring. The Mexican boxer is set to fight Caleb Plant in one of the most anticipated super-middleweight bouts of the year. It is no secret that Tyson favors the ‘Mexican Monster’ prevailing in the bout and has supported the Mexican.

David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant: Clash of the Titans

Both Plant and Benavidez are the top contenders in the super-middleweight divisions. And what makes the bout between these two special is that fans will see the top two boxers of the division fighting, which has become uncommon in the sport. This matchup is one of the most awaited among the fans for 2023.

Both fighters are eager to get their hands on each other, apart from the verbal jabs on social media. This is their chance to settle the beef once and for all. Meanwhile, Caleb plant gave Benavidez a warning ahead of their fight.

They are scheduled to fight at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas on March 25. This fight will be memorable for the sport and exciting for the fans when they see these two wrecking forces lock horns in the ring

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