“N10,000 for N4,000”: POS Operator in Tears as Angry Residents Destroy Her Stand Over Excessive Charges

It is no news that Nigeria has experienced unprecedented hardship due to the scarcity of the new naira notes.

Many have, however, taken advantage of the situation to exploit the poor masses.

Angry residents destroy POS operator's stand, excessive charges

Those in the POS business claim they had to buy the new notes from unknown sources, which is why they charge exuberant rates for withdrawing money.

A female operator, however, met her waterloo when she charged a resident a whopping sum of N4,000 to withdraw N10,000.

Before the new naira policy was implemented, POS operators charged N100 for every withdrawal below N5,000.

As the situation unravelled, one of the men in the video started berating the POS operator for charging such an amount and later destroyed the POS stand.

“How can you be collecting N4000 for N10,000? This is Wickedness. Are you a criminal? We will not allow you to stay here today,” the residents screamed.

The operator was forced to leave the area while the residents moved on to find other POS operators who charged such high rates.

Social media reactions

@nohpheesat wrote:

“It is gradually starting. Until we start challenging each other for our bad characters in Nigeria, the country will not move forward.”

@djhybeat commented:

“Fela no experience this one that year, imagine if he enter studio now. Keep resting Legend.”

@fisayoful commented:

“We honestly deserve our leaders! An average Nigeria is very self centered!”

@iprefermarvel wrote:

“She bought the money too. So it’s not her fault it’s her business if you can’t afford to buy what’s she selling then find elsewhere. It’s not a must that it will be from her that you’ll withdraw if it pains you too much then go to the bank join the queue and withdraw when your turn reach.”

@sinna2 commented:

“My question remains. All the celebrities that were shouting #endsars where are they today? Staying quiet? Staying neutral. Let me not hear anyone of u complain after now. May Nigeria happen to you.”

@sweetaustac1 wrote:

“Thank you for sharing this video. I have been having this same conversation with my friend, telling her that we Nigerians are our own problems. Before you blame the government, ask yourself, what do you when no one is watching you? How do you contribute to the change that we scream about? How do you impact a positive change when you are? People should capitalize Nd take advantage of every situation for their own selfishness, leaving the country broken and burnt.”

@wendy_okorie wrote:

“You people should come to Enugu please, they’re collecting half of any amount you want to withdraw.”

@nohpheesat said:

“The man in blue outfit don see many shege for this small 2023 cos the way he dey para.”

@catty_ativie said:

“Na we dey do ourselves sha, govt bad no mean say the ppl themselves good. Mtcheew.”

@bjdexterous wrote:

“Most POS vendors I’ve seen around here say they Abokis sell money to them. And it’s true! How is it that only them have access to money? Could it be because they run the Bureau de change? Or there’s something we don’t know.”

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