Serena Williams’ Fans Couldn’t Keep Quiet as Olympia’s Cheeky Similarity With Father Alexis Ohanian Got Revealed

Serena Williams‘ daughter, Olympia Ohanian has already amused the audience when it comes to matching her dad, Alexis Ohanain’s baking skills. The fans are once again surprised after witnessing the 5-year-old’s recent social media posts. However, it is her uncanny resemblance with her father that has left the fans astonished.

They further stormed to the online platform to react to the cheeky similarity between the Reddit cofounder and her little daughter. Here’s the recent picture of Olympia that has taken the internet by storm as fans witnessed something bewildering.

Fans react to Serena Williams’ daughter’s uncanny resemblance with Alexis Ohanian

The 5-year-old is quite active on her social media and likes to post all the recent updates of her day-to-day activities that include her interest in baking, painting, playing soccer, and tennis. Olympia’s recent post on Instagram also showcased her talent for hair bead styling and art.

She shared a picture of her colored beaded hair while posing with an adorable expression. Apart from taking note of her new fashion style, many fans also witnessed the sheer resemblance with her father, Alexis Ohanian. They further flocked to the comments section to express their opinion on the cheeky similarity between the American internet entrepreneur and her little daughter.

Notably, one of the fans said, “Lord, she done stole her daddy’s whole face!”

Another user commented, “Olympia looks exactly like her dad! When is baby #2 loading we want to see if you can do it again like make a copy of yourself !! @alexisohanian”

Meanwhile, one of the fans called them, “partners in cooking,”  as both the Reddit co-founder and his 5-year-old daughter are often engaged in their baking activities. They have also shared various sneak peeks of their delicacies, particularly, their popular artistic pancakes.

Others reacted to their uncanny resemblance on the comments section,

“Got it from your papa!”

“And she looks just like you in this pic! Adorable as always”

“Looking like papa’s twin.”

“She may look like her papa, but the mentality behind those eyes are from mama!”

“Olympia looks exactly like her dad!”

“Like father like daughter”

“She really looks so much like her papa here with that expression”

“oh oh that’s a daddy face right there”

“Looking like Alexis in this picture”


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