What Some Fans Are Saying After A Female Fan Was Seen Giving Pedri A Piece Of Paper At Public Event

It’s no longer news that Barcelona would be without Pedri for the Europa League second leg against Manchester United due to an injury.

However, note that the young midfielder was spotted at an event today, where he was seen taking photos with fans. On the other hand, note that fans have been reacting after a female fan was seen giving Pedri a piece of paper, which he kept in his pocket at a public event. Hence, this article will center on what some fans are saying about this act. Take a look!


1. Many Fans Do Not See Any Big Deal With It, While Others Want Him To Focus On Football.


Photo: The Moment Pedri Received The Piece Of Paper From The Female Fan || Twitter

Note that Pedri immediately kept the piece of paper he received from the lady in his pocket, but many fans want the youngster to focus on football because he’s still very young. On the other hand, many fans didn’t see anything wrong with the video as Gavi has been in a similar situation.



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