“I Was Born Into a Family With So Many Generational Curses”: Williams Uchemba Shares How He Was Saved

Popular actor Williams Uchemba in a bid to motivate his fans and followers, shared a video where he spoke about his family background.

William, in the video said he was born into a family with so many generational curses. He revealed that he was confused at some point in his life as nothing was working out for him.

Williams Uchemba

However, he revealed it all changed when he turned 14 and gave his life to Jesus Christ.

An extract from his statement read:

“I was born into a family where there was so much going on in the background. There were so many generational and ancestorial curses that has been going on in the family and I was born into that family. I was confused, not knowing my left or my right. Nothing I ever tried to do really worked, not like I was not putting in enough hard work, it just keep disappearing, even when I make money, I can’t tell where the money goes to, I was pretty much in sin and I couldn’t control my habit, my appetite until the age of 14 when I met somebody that transform my life and promises were made which seems too good to be true but they were actually true. My biggest regret was not giving him my life earlier”

Watch the video below:

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