We Will Make Sure Tinubu Doesn’t Get 25% Votes In The Northern States

A former director in the APC Campaign Council, Naja’atu Mohammed, has vowed that they will make sure the APC presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, doesnt get 25 percent of votes in the Northern states.



Naja’atu Mohammed stated this while talking to the supporters at the People’s Democratic Party, PDP Presidential rally in Adamawa State today. She said we will make sure Tinubu doesnt get 25% votes in the northern states. She stated that her new political party would do anything to stop Tinubu from getting votes in the coming election.

In Naja’atu words she said “we must stop that from happening. You must stop the All Progressive Congress from getting 25 percent of your votes from the North. He doesn’t need us, and we don’t need him,” she said.

Recall that the APC PCC had claimed that Naja’atu Mohammed was sacked due to incompetence and for leaking vital information of the political party before she moved to PDP. What are your thoughts on this?

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