POTTER OUT: Why Chelsea Fans Need To Be Patient & Trust The Manager In This Difficult Period

The scenes from Stamford Bridge after Chelsea fell to another defeat to the bottom of the table Southampton says everything about how Chelsea fans feel regarding manager Graham Potter and his team. The fans were outraged and were hurling insults at the team who are still looking for their second win of 2023 despite spending over £300m in the January transfer window.

The English manager has been heavily backed in the market and he has brought in some really talented players but he seems to struggling to get them to play the way everyone is expecting the team to be playing.

After just 2 wins in the last 15 matches, the pressure on Potter continues to grow and even the fans that were supporting him before are now withdrawing their support and calling for him to be sacked.


As much as I understand these frustrations, there is one thing Chelsea fans need to understand and come to terms with. Graham Potter was brought in to build a project that would last years and not to be a quick fix manager like Tuchel and the others who succeeded at the club in a short period of time.


Yes, things are bad right now but is the solution to sack the manager? I do not think so. Potter has already started the process of rebuilding this team with the signings he’s made and we have already seen glimpses of what this team could become in the future.

The problem right now is that they are not scoring goals and they continue to drop points and lose cup matches. It is very easy to say, ‘sack the manager’, but this will solve nothing.


Fans need to back Potter to turn this situation around because we all saw how well his Brighton team was. Sacking him is not the solution. Remember that the main reason why Chelsea have struggled to dominate domestically in recent years has been because of their sack-the-manager after every bad spell culture.

I still believe if Potter is left to work, he will deliver and get Chelsea to start playing well, winning matches and even dominate not just in England but in Europe as well. Remember, nothing good comes easy. This is a difficult period but it is time to stick together and support the team.

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