Teacher Shocked as Secondary School Boy with Earrings Storms Class with Gift for His Lover, Video Trends

A secondary school student has melted hearts online with his sweet gesture towards his lover.

In a trending video shared on TikTok, the young man stormed his lover’s class in the presence of a teacher and students.

Boy hands gift to lover in class
Photo Credit: @jeanpaulkenson2Source: TikTok

He walked straight to his lover and handed her a packaged gift which she accepted with a sweet smile on her face.

While the teacher stared at him in shock, the other students however caused an uproar in class as they cheered the couple on.

The lady who received the gift felt so shy. She covered her face with her palm and subsequently bent her head to the chair totally.

Social media reactions

@anitaowusu2585 said:

“This cannot be Ghana. The teacher will sack you and even trial you. He can even trial your parents as well.”

@thomasdike asked:

“But why the girl come dey do like that? Shame dey catch am?

@megrinalemani stated:

“My fellow Malawians. Let’s gather here coz we know for sure this can not happen in our country. Uva kaitane makolo.”

@lizzlee222 reacted:

“When I was in ss1, a senior sent me love letter and I took d letter to report to principal straight cos I hate rubbish, this generation fear me.”

@nyangoni reacted:

“My teacher won’t tolerate this he will take that hamper n throw it away n say no love affairs.”

@aloy_arik added:

“Not bad. Just be close to ur girl child. My 15year old daughter got a gift from a boyfriend. I sat her down and reminds her of everything.”

@ericapeters23 added:

“If na my country the teacher go take the package you fit nor see am again.”

Watch the video below:

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