#BBTitans: Blue Aiva, Kanaga And 3 Others Have Been Punished For Breaking Biggies Rules [Video]

Big Brother gave the Head of House a paper and instructed her to read it aloud after playing a video on the television screen. Immediately, Big Brother invited all housemates to gather at the sitting room and they did as instructed. He told them that they have disobeyed Big Brother’s rules and he also told them to carefully watch the tape on the screen.



Housemates were shocked after watching the tape and they agreed that they disobeyed Big Brother’s rule. After watching the tape, Nana read the content written on the paper. According to what she read, she said that Marvin, Nana, Kanaga, Thabang and Blue Aiva disobeyed Big Brother’s rules including whispering, microphone infringement and others.



Their punishment is to tie 10 knot of each shoe laces and they were all smiling but sad because they disobeyed the rules. Click here to watch and listen to their punishment.

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