“Tyson and Ali Are Trillions of Miles Ahead”: Floyd Mayweather’s Controversial List Causes Uproar

In 2020, Floyd Mayweather joined the Instagram live video of Fat Joe. So, in that conversation, Floyd Mayweather talked about his favorite boxers of all time.  The topic of discussion is such that it is likely to divide the boxing fanbase. Each individual has their own unique list of Top 5 or Top 10.  And the same goes for Mayweather. But recently, an article posted on Calf Kickerhas stirred up the boxing community as it discussed  Mayweather’s controversial list of the top 5 boxers.

However, Floyd Mayweather did not include Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson in his list of top five boxers. And this upset a lot of fans, as Ali and Tyson are considered to be one of the greatest boxers of all time.

In his top 5, Mayweather gave the no.1 position to himself and then he included boxers in descending order as Pernell Whitaker and Roberto Duran. And in heavyweights, he named Larry Holmes in his fourth position. He also broke down the career of Holmes, explaining why he’s the best.

Mayweather claimed that Holmes had all the basics of boxing intact and even made smart investments throughout his career. Then, in the end, he ended his list with the name, Aaron Pryor.

Fans are not happy with Mayweather’s Top 5

Now the article has pushed some buttons, yet again, with people on Facebook taking offense to Floyd Mayweather’s list for not including the greats of boxing, Ali and Tyson, hailed by the wider boxing community. And the opinions of Floyd Mayweather have always been followed with keen interest. Recently, fans went wild over Floyd Mayweather’s controversial dating advice.

Now, let’s look at the comments from boxing fans.

One of the fans criticized Floyd Mayweather for putting himself on top. He wrote, “People who didn’t read the article, he also added himself to that list, so yeah he is full of himself.

Another fan wrote, “Prime mike would definitely knock this fella out cold.

One fan stated Muhammad Ali is the best. He wrote, “Ali is the GOAT, he fought wars inside and outside the Ring

Another comment called out Mayweather for his superiority complex. He wrote, “He only left them out because he has to make people believe that he believes he’s better and more skilled than them when everyone knows both Tyson and Ali are trillions of miles ahead of Floyd

However, some fans stated that it’s not a big deal if he has different opinions than everyone.

Some fans came in support of Floyd Mayweather

One fan wrote defending Floyd Mayweather, “Ultimately if they are his favorite boxers they just have to be the ones who inspired him. Could have been Jeff Bloggs at his local club. They don’t have to be the greatest to inspire.

Another pitched in and wrote, “And? You ask who his favorite fighters are and then try to shame him because he didn’t give you the answer you wanted.

One of the fans stated that he was okay with Floyd’s statement, he  wrote, “They ain’t gotta be everybody’s favorite. They are some of my favorites and can’t nobody tell me nothing about Ali!

Another fan said, “If you ask me who my favorite fighters are, and then ask me who I think the best fighters are, there would be two completely different lists with almost no overlap.

Now Floyd Mayweather may have left out a lot of people’s favorites from his Top 5 list of boxers. Who are your top 5 boxers of all time? Let us know in the comments section.

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