Shakira takes another shot at Pique: Celebrates Valentine’s Day singing “I might kill my ex'”

Shakira won’t back down, especially on Valentine’s Day

Shakira and Gerard Piqué ended their romantic relationship in June 2022 but since their breakup, the Colombian singer has not stopped making references, whether they be explicit or implicit, to her ex Pique.

Shakira has not stopped taking shots at her ex, both in her public appearances and on her social networks. She sent social medial into meltdown after her diss track with Bizarrap went viral.

Shakira won’t let it rest

Now, on Valentine’s Day, the Clolombian has posted yet another video, once again directed at Pique.

In the video, the Colombian singer can be seen mopping her kitchen floor and singing the Kill Bill theme song ‘ I might kill my ex’ by SZA.

While Shakira is scrubbing in the video, she sings the chorus of the song: “I might, I might kill my ex, not the best idea, his new girlfriend’s next, How’d I get here?I might kill my ex”

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