Peter Obi Shares Tale of How Abacha Appointed Him as Tin Can Island Port Chairman

During an interview on “Dialogue with Presidential Candidates on the Nigerian Economy,” Peter Obi, the former governor of Anambra state and a candidate in the 2023 Nigerian presidential election under the Labour Party, made a noteworthy declaration, “stated the interviewer.

“On Saturday evening, he emphasized the significance of leaders who listen to their constituents and the potential impact it can have on the nation.”

“Mr. Obi shared a captivating tale from his time as the chairman of Tin Can Island Port in Lagos during the regime of the late General Sani Abacha,” the interviewer continued. “According to him, Abacha was determined to arrest traders who failed to pay their duties at the port. Over 100 traders traveled to the presidential villa in Abuja to plead their case, with only 30 being granted an audience with the president.”

“As Mr. Obi began to speak, Abacha slammed his table and called for his ministers to make him the chairman of Tin Can Island Port in Lagos,” the interviewer reported, quoting Mr. Obi. “The purpose of this story, Mr. Obi said, was to show the influence of leaders who take the time to listen to their people.”

“He believes that even with the worst possible president, things could change for the better if the leader were to listen to the citizens,” the interviewer added. “Mr. Obi’s experience with General Abacha highlights the importance of leaders taking the time to listen to their constituents and finding solutions to their problems.”

“It’s worth mentioning that Tin Can Island Port in Lagos is one of Nigeria’s busiest ports and plays a vital role in the country’s economy,” the interviewer noted. “As the chairman, Mr. Obi was responsible for overseeing the port’s smooth operation and removing any obstacles that could hamper its productivity.”

“General Sani Abacha, known for his authoritarian rule during his 1993 to 1998 rule, shows that even a leader with a tough reputation can still listen to the people and make a positive impact,” the interviewer concluded, reiterating Mr. Obi’s message.

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