LEE 0-2 MUN: Garnacho’s Celebration Suggests His Cryptic Post Had Something To Do With Ronaldo.

Alejandro Garnacho didn’t just silence his haters, but also showed that he’s learnt a lot from his idol Cristiano Ronaldo whom he paid a tribute to by doing two of his famous celebrations.



On the Wednesday of last week, Garnacho started for Manchester United in their Premier League clash against Leeds at Old Trafford.

During the first half, Garnacho missed two glorious chances which proved too costly as the Red Devils only managed to salvage a point from the game.



After that frustrating 2-2 draw, Garnacho was subjected to harsh criticisms by online bullies which drew a reaction from the 18-year old. Taking to his Instagram story, Garnacho posted these 7 words – “he taught me to never give up”.



At the time of that post, it wasn’t clear why Garnacho chose those words, but after his celebrations today, it began to make sense.

The Argentine started from the bench against Leeds this afternoon but eventually came on in the 61st minute and deservedly got his goal 5 minutes from time.

After sealing the 3 points for Man United, Garnacho did Ronaldo’s “I’m here” celebration before telling his critics to shush by putting his finger on his mouth.

Perhaps, that “never give up” statement Garnacho posted was referring to Ronaldo who has shown countless times in his career that one bad performance won’t make him doubt his abilities or give up.

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